Required documents of trademark applciations

The mark application shall consist of the following documents:
a)     A request made in prescribed form (as prescribed in the Circular No. 01/2007/TT-BKHCN);
b)    Documents, samples, information identifying the mark as provided for in Articles 105 of the IP Law 2005 of Viet Nam (e.g. the mark samples and list of goods and services bearing the mark, and regulations on use of collective or certification marks where the mark is sought for protection is collective mark or certification mark;
c)     Power of attorneys, if the application is filed through a representative;
d)    Documents evidencing the right to registration, if acquired by the applicant from another person;
e)     Documents evidencing the priority right, if claimed;
f)   Receipt of fees and charges.
All documents of the application shall be in Vietnamese, except for the documents mentioned at point c, d, e and other documents supporting the applications, which can be made in another language but shall be translated into Vietnamese at the request of NOIP.