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International cooperation on intellectual property: Contributed to the enhancement of deep and broad economic integration of the country

International cooperation on intellectual property turning the country into a “reliable partner and responsible member” of ASEAN and WIPO as well as of international community.

The year 2019 was a successful year of international cooperation on intellectual property, particularly in mutilateral frameworks. Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Chu Ngoc Anh for the first time attended the General Assembly of WIPO and got involved in various diplomatic activities. On behalf of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Viet Nam, Minister Chu Ngoc Anh delivered two speeches at the opening session of WIPO General Assembly, underlining the role of science, technology and innovation in changing the growth model and escaping from the middle-income trap for developing countries, including Viet Nam, in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.The minister noted achievements gained by Viet Nam in science and technology, namely the country’s improved rank on the Global Innovation Index (GII) over the past year; the approval of the National Strategy on Intellectual Property until 2030 and the amendment of Law on Intellectual Property, Law on Insurance.

Minister Chu Ngoc Anh’s address to the WIPO General Assembly 2019 


In this year’s assembly, Viet Nam participated as Member of the Coordination Committee, Program and Budget Committee –two important Committees of WIPO in charge of personnel and finance issues.
On the sidelines, Minister Chu Ngoc Anh presented Viet Nam’s instrument of accession to the Hague agreement to the WIPO Director Generalon behalf of the Vietnamese Government. With this accession, Viet Nam became a member of all three treaties on international registration for inventions, trademarks and designs administered by the WIPO. The event marked a new development of Viet Nam in implementing new-generation FTA commitments, creating favourable conditions for Vietnamese individuals and businesses to acquire international registration of their industrial designs, improving the business environment and contributing to the enhancement of deep and broad economic integration of the country. 

Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh (second from left) deposits the instrument of accession to the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement with Francis Gurry, WIPO Director General 


Minister Chu Ngoc Anh gives opening remarks at the Viet Nam Traditional Silk and Brocade Exhibition on the margins of the WIPO General Assembly 2019


On this occasion, IP Viet Nam signed the Cooperation Agreement on Enabling IP Environment with WIPO to help strengthen the capacity of staff at research institutions and universities in their researching/innovative activities, registration and utilisation of inventions as well as technology transfer. The trained staff will play a central role in boosting inventions in terms of both quantity and quality, commercial value of inventions generated from research institutions and universities, at the same time, promoting the utilisation of patent information to avoid research duplication.


IP Viet Nam Director General Dinh Huu Phi and WIPO Director General Francis Gurry signs the Cooperation Agreement on Enabling IP Environment with the witness of Minister Chu Ngoc Anh


The year 2019 marked the first time IP Viet Nam took over the Chair of the ASEAN Working Group on IP Cooperation (AWGIPC) since its accession to the organisation in 1995. IP Viet Nam successfully chaired AWGIPC Meetings and other ASEAN Meetings with partner countries.


Director General Dinh Huu Phi takes over the Chair of AWGIPC from Indonesia


Director General Dinh Huu Phi delivers opening remarks at the 2nd ASEAN – Korea Heads of IP Offices Meeting


In 2019, IP Viet Nam promoted bilateral cooperation with big IP Offices such as the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation (ROSPATENT) and the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Additionally, IP Viet Nam sustained and deepened its relations with traditional partners such as the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Japan Patent Office, IP Australia, Department of Intellectual Property of Laos PDR and Cuban Industrial Property Office…


A get-together between former Vietnamese students in Russia Federation and ROSPATENT delegation in IP Viet Nam headquarters


International cooperative activities grew more in-depth over the year, contributing to the enhancement of capacity of IP Viet Nam. Among those, the office continued implementing the project “Modernisation of Business Services of the Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam” (WIPO IPAS Project) with the installment of industrial design module in July 2019. The WIPO IPAS system was expected to be fully operational in mid-2020. Concerning Korean partners, IP Viet Nam was in cooperation with KIPO to launch the pilot PPH Programme in June 2019 and submitted to competent agencies the proposals of the Project on Enhancement of the Public Administration System in Intellectual Property Sector and Project on Designing National Geographical Indication Logo for Viet Nam. Moreover, IP Viet Nam work with WIPO, KIPO and VTV2 to hold the Patent Contest 2018. Training activities were also promoted over the year with supports of IP Australia, JPO, KIPO, CNIPA and WIPO.  

In summary, international cooperation on intellectual property in 2019 contributed proactively to the implementation of external relations policy of the Party and State turning the country into a “reliable partner and responsible member” of ASEAN as well as of WIPO. It also helped strengthen the capacity of IP Viet Nam and supported the development of the national IP system. 
The coming year 2020 would be a promising year with envisaged vibrant international cooperative activities. To support the fulfillment of  the Viet Nam’s ASEAN Chairmanship 2020, IP Viet Nam would conduct a number of important activities, including the implementation of  the National IP Strategy and the enforcement of the Hague Agreement in Viet Nam.