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ASEAN Intellectual Property Cooperation

ASEAN Intellectual Property Cooperation

The 53rd ASEAN Working Group on Intellectual Property Cooperation (AWGIPC 53) and its sub-events took place in Hanoi and Quang Ninh from 17 to 21 July 2017. Viet Nam was honored to host the AWGIPC 53 and other sideline events in the context of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) celebrating the 50th anniversary.


Lãnh đạo các cơ quan SHTT ASEAN, ảnh: Loan Lê The leaders of ASEAN intellectual property agencies attended AWGIPC 53, photo: Loan Le

ASEAN Cooperation on Intellectual Property (IP) was implemented through the work of the ASEAN Working Group on intellectual property cooperation. The AWGIPC meets periodically three times a year. The activities of AWGIPC are based on the Framework Agreement on Intellectual Property Cooperation among ASEAN countries adopted at the Fifth ASEAN Summit in Bangkok, Thailand in 1995.

The objective of ASEAN cooperation on IP is to ensure the adequate and effective protection of IP in the ASEAN region through specific cooperation programs and activities, including information sharing as well as building capacity of the national IP system of ASEAN countries. Throughout the years, ASEAN cooperation on intellectual property has constantly been developing and producing remarkable results. Through the work of the AWGIPC, intellectual property agencies have established a close and cooperative relationship with each other. ASEAN countries have shared their experiences and assisted each other in the development of legal policy, management and enforcement of IP rights. Many programs and projects have been proposed, implemented and brought about important effects on the elaboration of the IP system of ASEAN countries in particular and socio-economic development in general.

It is possible to mention a number of ASEAN cooperation programs and plans for in the IP field, such as the Action Program in the period of 1996-1998; Hanoi Action Program (IP section) 1998-2004; Vientiane Action Program (IP section) 2004-2010; the ASEAN Economic Community Master Plan 2015 (ASEAN Blueprint 2015); and the ASEAN Economic Community Master Plan 2025 (ASEAN Blueprint 2025).

These programs and plans set out the general objectives for each phase of development in the IP field of ASEAN. Activities to achieve these goals include: improving the legal framework; human resource training; raising public awareness; exchanging information, experience and opinion on professional issues; strengthening the relationships and creating favorable conditions for businesses to register and enforce rights; participating in international treaties on IP related to procedures for international registration of IP, such as the Madrid Protocol on International Trademark Registration, the La Hay Agreement on the International Registration of Industrial Designs, the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in order to simplify procedures and facilitate the establishment of industrial property rights; promoting cooperation activities with ASEAN’s IP partners, such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the EU, Japan, the United States, China, Australia; and cooperating closely in negotiating the IP content in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with a number of partners such as China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

This AWGIPC 53 meeting focused on the implementation of ASEAN IP Action Program 2016-2025 and IP cooperative activities between ASEAN and its partners (AANZFTA, WIPO, European Patent Officers, the United States, China, Japan, ...).

Các đại biểu tham dự AWGIPC 53, ảnh: Loan Lê Các đại biểu chụp ảnh lưu niệm tại Quảng Ninh, ảnh: Loan Lê

Delegation attending AWGIPC 53, photo: Loan Le

On the sidelines of the meeting AWGIPC 53 were the following events:

On July 20, 1977: An event to survey and exchange experiences on registration and protection of geographical indications in Quang Ninh province was organized by the National Office of Intellectual Property in collaboration with Quang Ninh Department of Science and Technology to implement Geographical Indication Initiatives in ASEAN IP Action Program 2016-2025. Participating in the event were leaders and officials of the ASEAN Intellectual Property Offices as well as ASEAN’s partners. This is also an excellent opportunity for Vietnam, especially Quang Ninh province, to introduce and promote provincial geographical indications to ASEAN and international friends.

On July 21, 2017: The ninth meeting of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (IPC9) was held. This is an annual meeting held next to the second AWGIPC meeting of the year to review the obligation implementation of the Parties under Article 5 (copyright), Article 9.7 (joining IP international treaties) in the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) and the implementation of IP projects which were approved by the Economic Affairs Committee of the AANZFTA (ECWP).