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Geographical indication protection "Ben Tre" for rambutan products

On November 28, 2023, the National Office of Intellectual Property issued Decision No. 1172/QD-SHTT on granting Geographical Indication Registration Certificate No. 00131 for the rambutan product "Ben Tre". The Department of Science and Technology of Ben Tre province is the organization that manages this geographical indication.

Ben Tre is a province with strengths in developing many specialty fruits, so since 2001, Ben Tre province has organized a fruit specialty festival once a year. One of the key products contributing to the success of the festival is Ben Tre rambutan.



The history of rambutan trees in Ben Tre is a long process. From 1912-1975, Cho Lach district, Vinh Long province (now Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province) planted about 300 hectares of rambutan trees. Since 1987, Ben Tre province has strongly developed rambutan growing areas with the main variety being the Java variety.

Compared to Java rambutan varieties on the Vietnamese market (Long Khanh rambutan - Dong Nai, Cai Lay rambutan - Tien Giang), Ben Tre rambutan is distinguished by commercial agents by its sensory characteristics: The pulp (flesh) of the fruit is thin (pulp thickness is from 5.73 - 7.35 mm), the fruit is sweet and has a mild salty taste (Sodium (Na) ratio is from 0.58 - 1.02%).

This product's characteristics are related to geographical conditions. Specifically, unlike the Southeast region where rambutan is grown on basalt red soil, rambutan trees in Ben Tre province are grown on alluvial soil that is slightly saline due to the influence of the Mekong River system encroaching into the sea every year and at the same time being affected by the phenomenon of salt water intrusion. Since 2019, Ben Tre has built a number of saltwater prevention projects, but basically Ben Tre rambutan growing land is still slightly salty. This geographical feature has resulted in Ben Tre rambutan fruit pulp being thinner, with a strong sweet and slightly salty taste.

The specific properties and quality of Ben Tre rambutan are influenced not only by the specific natural geographical conditions but also by the production method.

Ben Tre province is known as the "Kingdom of Fruits", where famous fruit tree varieties of Vietnam are bred and produced such as: rambutan, green-skinned grapefruit, four-quarter mango... Being proactive in the seed source (Java rambutan variety) and being the first province to handle off-season flowering has helped rambutan farmers in Ben Tre have many opportunities to choose good varieties and mastering the technique of handling off-season flowers, thanks to which product quality is always stable and the trees bear fruit all year round.

Geographic area includes:

- Communes: Phu Phung, Vinh Binh, Son Dinh, Hoa Nghia, Long Thoi, Vinh Thanh in Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province;

- Communes: Tan Phu, Tien Long, Tien Thuy, Phu Duc, Phu Tuc, Thanh Trieu in Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province.

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