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Geographical indication protection “La Tinh Hoai Duc” for grapefruit products

On December 26, 2023, the National Office of Intellectual Property issued Decision No. 1265/QD-SHTT on granting Geographical Indication Registration Certificate No. 00132 for La Tinh Hoai Duc grapefruit. Hoai Duc District People's Committee is the organization that manages this geographical indication.

La Tinh Hoai Duc grapefruit is a local grapefruit variety grown for a long time in La Tinh village (Dong La commune, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi city) where the Day River flows through, the land is fertile, easy to cultivate and drains water when it rains, very suitable for many types of crops. Currently, according to some elderly people in La Tinh village, this grapefruit variety was bred from a grapefruit tree belonging to Mr. Ba Dieu around the thirties of the twentieth century. This precious grapefruit variety has become attached to the people here and has become a local specialty.

La Tinh Hoai Duc grapefruit has a strong sweet taste, Brix level ≥ 11.40%; Total sugar content ≥ 9.90%.

Photo: La Tinh Hoai Duc Grapefruit


La Tinh Hoai Duc grapefruit has a sweet taste, high sugar content and high Brix level thanks to the specific characteristics of the geographical conditions of the geographical area. The geographical area has terrain of high and low land, with an average height of 7 - 15 m above sea level, sloping from the dike to the river. The soil in the geographical area is neutral alluvial soil, with mechanical composition ranging from clay loam and sand to clay loam. The soil has medium to high organic carbon content, averaging 1.63%; highly digestible potassium, average 39.88 mg K2O/100g soil; rich trace element Zn content, average 109.07 mg/kg.

The secrets of people in the geographical area in caring for and preserving this precious grapefruit variety are also factors that contribute to the characteristics of La Tinh Hoai Duc grapefruit products.

The precious La Tinh Hoai Duc grapefruit variety is a sugar grapefruit variety bred in a geographical area.

People in the geographical area use organic fertilizers. Specifically, when the tree has not yet produced fruit, composted chicken manure, composted fish, and composted soybeans are used to fertilize the tree with an amount of 1 - 1.5 kg/root/crop only once between January and February. During the fruiting period, composted organic fertilizer is applied at 15 - 20 kg/root/crop combined with composted chicken manure, composted fish, and composted soybeans (2 - 3 kg/root/crop) only once after harvest (January).

Geographic area belongs to Dong La commune, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi City (determined according to the corresponding geographical area map).


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