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Geographical indication protection of “Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước” for mallard

On 23 November 2020, Intellectual Property Office of Viet Nam has issued Decision no. 4521/QĐ-SHTT on granting Geographical indication registration certificate no. 00090 for Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước mallard. People’s Committee of Bá Thước district is the organization in charge of managing this GI.

Bá Thước is a mountainous district in the West of Thanh Hóa province. The area used to belong to Đô Lung region of Cửu Chân district, Trường Lâm prefecture. After many name changes, in 1945, this area was named Bá Thước district after Cầm Bá Thước, a leader of the Cần Vương movement and this name has been kept since. Cổ Lũng mallard originates from a rare indigenous mallard breed and fostered by generations of Bá Thước locals. Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước mallard is synonymous to the Pù Luông tourism area. It is a must-try specialty for visitors.

    Picture 1. Appearance of Cổ Lũng - Bá Thước mallard


Picture 2. Cổ Lũng - Bá Thước mallard dishes


Male Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước mallards have wide bodies, deep breasts, large heads, small eyes, wide and short neck, short and small feet. The body feathers are grey and head feathers are bright green. Around the neck, there is a white ring, and the tail has black-green-grey and curly feathers. Female Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước mallards have wide bodies, deep breasts, large heads, small eyes, wide and short neck, short and small feet. The body feathers have brown and white feathers, and the tail feathers are straight. The weight of alive mallard is 1.6 to 2.2 kg.

Whole butchered Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước mallards weigh 1.3 to 1,6 kg; meat percentage is 74.41 – 77.91 %; meat toughness is 30.03 – 32.28 N; water evaporation percentage when cooked is 25.78 – 27.52 %; meat redness is 6.30 – 7.89 (a*); Protein content is 16.02 – 17.92 %; Lipid content is 18.53 – 24.58%; Amino acid content is 9,614 – 10,063 mg/100g.            

Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước mallard being famous for its taste is thanks to the unique natural conditions of the geographical area. The area is a high mountainous region, between mountain ranges of Nậm Bá, Nậm Mười, Pha Lé, Em Chiêng, Pù Luông. High mountain terrain combining with geographical location have brought a peculiar climate, suitable for the development of the mallard. The climate here is cool all year round, temperature variance between day and night is 8 – 12oC, which is a favourable condition, making the meat firm and aromatic. The geographical area has many streams, especially Nủa stream and its branches. These streams have clean water and many types of snails, small fishes, and beneficial microorganisms. The high Ca2+ content in the water influences the leanness, firmness, and taste of Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước mallard.

Aside from the natural conditions, the know-hows of the local farmers in tending and custom of using natural feed and free ranging on natural streams are also factors contributing to the peculiar characteristics of Cổ Lũng – Bá Thước mallards.

Geographical area: Communes of Ban Công, Thành Lâm, Thành Sơn, Cổ Lũng, Lũng Niêm and Lũng Cao of Bá Thước district, Thanh Hóa province.


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