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Geographical Indication Protection of “Hương Sơn” for Antler

On 28 February 2019, National Office of Intellectual Property has issued Decision no. 787/QĐ-SHTT on granting Geographical indication registration certificate no. 00072 for “Hương Sơn” antler. Hương Sơn District People’s Committee is the organization in charge of managing this GI.

Antler is one of the four most nourishing medicine for human’s health. Antler contains various micro-nutrients, mostly Keratin, and also other valuable amino acid, including Cysteine, Lencine, Tyrosine, Glutamic acid, Arginine, Alanine, Lysine, etc. and calcium salts.
Hương Sơn antlers are bulky, pink, contain numerous nutrition, and have superior quality comparing to those of other regions domestically and globally. They possess high level of vitamins and minerals. A survey of 100 consumers who have used antler showed that 100% of the survey takers have known of Hương Sơn antler. A majority of survey takers who have used Hương Sơn antler are satisfied with the quality of Hương Sơn antler.

Hương Sơn stags

Hương Sơn antler is favoured by consumers thanks to its unique traits. Raw Hương Sơn antler has pink colour and the minimum weight of 400g per pair. Dried Hương Sơn antler has brown or gold colour and the weight of 1/3 of raw antler’s. The contents of protein, micro-minerals and amino acids are significantly higher than that of Nghệ An and Quảng Bình antler, specifically: Protein content of 44% to 46%, hàm lượng Canxi content of 1.675 mg/kg to 1.687mg/kg, hàm lượng Phospho content of 4,23 g/100g to 4,47g/100g, Magnesium content of 78,37mg/kg to 78,73mg/kg, Selenium 0,029 - 0,035mg/kg, Potassium content of 77,30mg/100g to 78,50mg/100g, Collagen content of 64,00 mg/g to 66,00mg/g, Chondroitin content of 41,50 mg/g to 42,60mg/g, Hyaluronic content of 43,70mg/g to 45,00mg/g, Cystein content of 1,07mg/g to 1,15mg/g, Lysine content of 6,39 mg/g to 6,72mg/g, Arginin content of 11,30 mg/g to 11,95mg/g, Leucin content of 6,46mg/g to 7,05mg/g.


Raw antlers

Stags in Hương Sơn are raised in communes of Sơn An, Sơn Bằng, Sơn Bình, Sơn Châu, Sơn Diệm, Sơn Giang, Sơn Hà, Sơn Hàm, Sơn Hòa, Sơn Hồng, Sơn Kim 1, Sơn Kim 2, Sơn Lâm, Sơn Lễ, Sơn Lĩnh, Sơn Long, Sơn Mai, Sơn Mỹ, Sơn Ninh, Sơn Phú, Sơn Phúc, Sơn Quang, Sơn Tân, Sơn Tây, Sơn Thịnh, Sơn Thủy, Sơn Tiến, Sơn Trà, Sơn Trung, Sơn Trường and the towns of Tây Sơn, Phố Châu of Hương Sơn district, Hà Tĩnh province. The altitude of this area declines from Northwest to Southeast, the climate is tropical monsoon, hot and humid with high rainfall. The area has hills and flat valley separated by Ngàn Phố, Ngàn Sâu rivers and other rivers, forming three disctinctive terrain forms, which are high mountains, semi-mountainous area and the flat valley. The annual average temperature is 27°C, annual rainfall is high at 2,000mm to 2,500mm. Annual humidity is 80% to 90%. Annual total hours of sunlight is 1,463 giờ. The soil of the geographical area consists mainly of red-yellow soil group, accounting to 72.64% of the area, and alluvium soil group, eroded soil group and mountainous yellow-red humus soil group. 
The distinctive climate and soil of the geographical area help the flora prosper, ensuring the abundant, nutritious and healthy feed for the stags. Stags’ feeds in the area are exuberant, consists mainly of natural plants, especially those rich in resin which contains high protein and fiber content, allowing a significantly higher level of amino acid in Hương Sơn antler comparing to those of other regions’. 
Aside from the natural conditions of the geographical area, the herding practice and accumulated experience in tending and raising stags of the local producers also contribute in the peculiarity of Hương Sơn antler and help solidifying the status of the product on the market.


Center for Examining Geographical Indication and International Trademark