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Geographical indication protection of “Núi Dành” for Schefflera heptaphylla product

On August 2, 2021, the National Office of Intellectual Property Director issued Decision No. 3228/QD-SHTT on granting a Geographical Indication Registration Certificate No. 00108 for Nam Gioc ginseng. The People's Committee of Tan Yen district is the organization managing this geographical indication.

In the past, the mountain was also known as Chung Son, associated with male ginseng products, also known as "king ginseng", and ginseng sand. The work "Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi" reads: "The name of the crossbow was made in Yen The. Nam Sam is available at the top of Chung Son mountain. Yarrow is also found in Zhongshan.” The "Chung Son" mentioned in the main work is Danh mountain, now located in Lien Chung commune and Viet Lap commune, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province. Up to now, people in Bac Giang still circulate the folk saying:

“Sâm Nam nổi tiếng núi Dành

Chợ đầy nhan nhản những hành Chung Sơn

Sông Thương uốn khúc lượn quanh

Cá nhiều tôm sẵn Lãn Tranh giỏi chài”.

Studies have shown that this is precious ginseng with many compounds that are good for health. However, it is currently classified by Vietnam’s Red Data Book (2007) as endangered and needs to be preserved and developed.

Figure 1. Schefflera heptaphylla root of the Danh mountain over 10 years old

Figure 2. Cross-sectional slices of the ginseng root of the Danh mountain

Ginseng on Danh mountain from 4 to 7 years old has a length of 33.47 - 39.15 cm; a diameter: 1.66 – 2.34 cm; Weight: 90.18 – 112.06 g. The quality characteristics of the product include: Flavonoid content: 1.89 - 1.98%; Polysaccharide content: 31.81 - 36.35 %; Saponin content: 1.00 - 1.85%; Daucosterol content: 1.85 - 2.65 mg/g.

Ginseng over 7 years old has a length: 40.17 - 42.55 cm; diameter: 2.58 – 3.06 cm; Weight: 126.52 – 140.81 g. The quality characteristics of the product include: Flavonoid content: 2.03 – 2.21%; Polysaccharide content: 37.44 – 40.14 %; Saponin content: 3.12 – 3.38%; Daucosterol content: 1.30 - 1.42 mg/g.

The peculiarities of Ginseng at Danh mountain are due to the unique conditions in terms of nature and cultivation methods in the geographical area. The geographical area of Danh Mountain, located independently in the middle of the plain, has an altitude of 10 - 80 m, the average annual temperature ranges from 24.9 to 26.5oC, and the total average annual rainfall is from 1400 to 26.5oC. 1700 mm, average air humidity reaches 82.5%, and average annual evaporation from 800 - 850 mm. The temperature range of day and night in the geographical area in September, and October of the calendar (the period of flowering and seed production) is from 5-7oC. The soil in the geographical area is formed from the Van Lang Formation, with a soil layer over 50 cm thick, porous, topsoil porosity from 50 to 51%, rich in organic compounds and trace elements. Ginseng is grown by screwing Banh Tieu branches into potting bags, fertilizing mainly with organic fertilizers, and without using pesticides in cultivation. Tubers are harvested when reaching the age of more than 4 years.

Geographical area: Lien Chung commune, Viet Lap commune in Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province

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