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Launching the Project on the Geographical Indications funded by AFD

With the aim to promoting rural development by geographical indications (GIs), on June 25th 2014, in Ha Noi...

With the aim to promoting rural development by geographical indications (GIs), on June 25th 2014, in Ha Noi, the National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam (NOIP) (under the Ministry of Science and Technology) in cooperation with the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organized the Launching Ceremony for FAO/AFD Project on the Promotion of Rural Development through Development of Geographical Indications at the Regional Level in Asia. The Ceremony was attended by Mr. Ta Quang Minh, Director General of  NOIP, Mr. Michel Droniak, Head of Economic Section of the French Embassy to Viet Nam and Mr. Jong-ha Bea,  FAO Representative in Viet Nam, together with representatives of relevant Ministries, Departments, beneficiary localities and organizations and media agencies.
The implementation of Project show the interest of Viet Nam in the protection and development of GIs to achieve wider recognition for its agricultural products, foodstuff and unique  crafts.
At the opening Ceremony, Mr. Ta Quang Minh said: "As a traditional agricultural country with favorable and unique characteristics of nature and human, Viet Nam has many agricultural products with quality, reputation and economic values. The appropriate use of GIs will contribute to enhancing the value and competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products, creating more jobs and generating incomes for local people, contributing to hunger elimination and poverty reduction, as well as sustainable development in rural areas".
Currently, there are 38 Vietnamese products protected by GI but only one product protected abroad (PhúQuốc fish sauce), placing it the second in ASEAN region. The participation in the Project will help Vietnamese products bearing GIs access to a wider market in the Asia, develop their value chains and promote products and tourisms, contributing to improve in people’s living thereof.
At the event, Mr. Jong-Ha BAE, FAO Representative in Viet Nam emphasized that “GI is also an important tool to help local producers switch from quantitative to qualitative aspects and to increase accessing opportunities in existing markets and to new markets” and Mr. Michel DROBNIAK, Head of the Economic Section, the French Embassy in Viet Nam added that “Geographical Indications are apparently of particular importance to us, especially when Viet Nam is negotiating major free-trade agreements, including the European Union”.
This Project has a budget of  US$ 2 million, to be implemented in three years for 4 countries - Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Viet Nam./.
Mr. Ta Quang Minh, NOIP’s Director General, chaired the Launching Ceremony
Mr. Ta Quang Minh and delegates at the Launching Ceremony

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