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Th 6, 23/09/2016 | 16:11 CH

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Leaders of NOIP and MOST discussed with IPOS’s CE Daren Tang during his visit to Viet Nam on 05 - 06 September 2016...

Leaders of NOIP and MOST discussed with IPOS’s CE Daren Tang during his visit to Viet Nam on 05 - 06 September 2016.
Leaders and officials of NOIP discussed with CE Daren Tang and other IPOS’s colleagues about IP administration in a national IP Office. The two sides shared experience on patent and trademark examination with a view to ensuring quality, speeding up the examination process for backlog alleviation in an open atmostphere. Thanks to appropriate industrial property application handling policies which take into account both quality and quantity requirements, IPOS is among the small number of national IP offices in the world that do not have to cope with IP backlog. Therefore, the applicable IP policies operated in IPOS will be precious experience for NOIP to manage the industrial property administration system in Viet Nam.
Deputy Minister and NOIP’s Director General Trần Việt Thanh discussed with CE Daren Tang about innovation, creation and start-up ecosystem
Innovation and creation promotion policies and the start-up ecosystem consolidation to support the socio-economic development are topics of discussion in the meeting with Deputy Minister Trần Việt Thanh. In his presentation, CE Daren Tang said Singapore was becoming home for innovators, where the Government’s investment to R&D grew more than 8 times since 1990s to 16.1 billion dollars. Growth in MNCs’s R&D facilities located in Singapore and local capabilities for innovation have been witnessed. Numerous partnership between private and public sector innovation has been strengthened. IP is key to achieve better innovation outcomes. Deputy Minister Trần Việt Thanh, for the Vietnamese side, also informed of the economic restructuring process, innovation and technology – driven economic growth and innovative start-up ecosystem development for rapidly constructing healthy business forces in Viet Nam, in which IPRs enforcement, IP valuation and evaluation and IP financing could make valuable contributions. Singapore’s achievements could be a practical model for Viet Nam to study.
Minister Chu Ngọc Anh meets CE Daren Tang
CE Daren Tang also made a courtesy call to H.E. Minister Chu Ngoc Anh. In the meeting, Mr. Minister emphasized the interest by the Vietnamese Government to the development of the IP system, particularly in IP commercialization. Mr. Minister highly appreciated the innovation and start-up ecosystem models as well as IP regimes in Singapore and expressed his interest in Singapore’s experiences in those areas, especially in the implementation of FTAs including the TPP. On his talk, CE Daren Tang also highly appreciated Viet Nam’s economic development achievements and the economic ties between Singapore and Viet Nam. He pressed the role of a good IP policy in the national economic development. Mr. Daren Tang is fully confident in the cooperation of mutual interest between Singapore and Viet Nam and the policies of innovation-driven economic growth of both countries.
Deputy Director General Le Ngoc Lam discussed with CE Daren Tang
Leaders of Viet Nam and Singapore's IP offices also discussed to explored the activities of cooperation for FY2017, which will focus on personnel training, public service provision, IP curriculumn formulation, IP legislation amendment in compliance with TPP's commitments and innovation-driven economic growth.
CE Daren Tang departed Viet Nam for his home on 06 September 2016.
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