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Th 4, 26/01/2011 | 10:02 SA

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President of European Patent Office paid an official working visit to Viet Nam

Mr. Benoît Battistelli – President of European Patent Office (EPO) paid a official working visit to Viet Nam...

Mr. Benoît Battistelli – President of European Patent Office (EPO) paid a official working visit to Viet Nam  on the occasion of the 6th ASEAN – EPO Heads of Intellectual Property Conference (HIPOC) held in Hanoi from 13 t0 14 Januray 2011.

On 12 January 2011, the EPO’s President paid a courtesy call to the Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Hoang Van Phong. The President congratulated the achievements made by Viet Nam in the field of intellectual property over past years, as well as the increasing role of Viet Nam in the region and over the world. Mr. Battistelli also reported to the Minister on cooperation results between EPO and the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP) in recent years; whereby, two Offices cooperated to implement a range of activities related to of intellectual property, such as public raising awareness, training, human resources development, simplification and harmonization of patent procedures and exchanges of patent documentation.

Minister Hoang Van Phong expressed sincere thanks to the President for the precious cooperation and support that EPO has rendered to Viet Nam so far through regional projects on intellectual property, as well as bilateral cooperation activities. The Minister also confirmed the views and policies of the Government of Viet Nam and the Ministry of Science and Technology on effective protection and efficient use of intellectual property to generate more value-added products with high competitiveness in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The EPO’s President highly appreciated efforts made by the Government of Viet Nam in protection of intellectual property rights and committed to enhance cooperation with and support to Viet Nam to address its own problems as well as common challenges of the region and the world, especially in the field of patents.

On the same day, before the curtersy call to the Minister, the EPO’s President had visited the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. The two Sides updated each other with its recent developments; reviewed and evaluated achieved results of their cooperation in past years; and, discussed possibilities and plan for cooperation in the coming years. To this end, the NOIP’s Director General Tran Viet Hung and EPO’s President Benoît Battistelli signed a Memorandum of Understanding on bilateral cooperation between EPO and NOIP for the period of 2011 – 2014 to elevate their relations to a strategic level that is expected to address not only their internal challenges but also common challenges faced by regional and international intellectual property system.


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