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On the evening of July 29, the 35th anniversary of the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) was held in Hanoi...

On the evening of July 29, the 35th anniversary of the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) was held in Hanoi. Attending the ceremony were Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh, leaders and former leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and leaders of other units of the Ministry. Representing NOIP were General Director Dinh Huu Phi, current and former leaders and staff of the NOIP.

Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh congratulated the NOIP on its 35th anniversary

On July 29, 1982, the Council of Ministers issued Decree No. 125/HDBT on reorganizing the State Committee for Science and Technology, of which the National Office of Inventions was a direct unit. Since then, July 29 has become the traditional day of NOIP.

From a unit of only 27 staff members and 03 professional groups at the beginning, over 35 years of construction and development, NOIP has become a big unit under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), with 21 subordinate units and 340 officers and cadres. Despite various obstacles, under the firm guidance of the Party Committee and leaders of MOST, with the support of other agencies, organizations and especially with the collective effort NOIP’s leaders and staff throughout different periods, NOIP has gained remarkable achievements, contributing to the country's socio-economic development in general and the development of science and technology in particular.

Mr. Dinh Huu Phi, the Director General of NOIP, said: Over 35 years of development, despite numerous remarkable achievements, the activities of NOIP still suffer from many shortcomings in the context of rapid scientific and technological development and the increasing demands of society. Acknowledging the role and importance of the intellectual property (IP) sector for socio-economic development and international economic integration of the country, NOIP has recently implemented a series of methods to overcome the remaining limitations, including coordinating with relevant agencies in developing the National IP Strategy to guide the development of the entire IP system in general and NOIP in particular; reforming the organizational structure of NOIP, upgrading information technology system for management and processing applications; enhancing human resource training for NOIP, enterprises and society; completing application processing mechanism; step by step overcoming the situation of unresolved industrial property applications; enhancing the public administrative role in IP, etc.

"35 years – though it is not a long way, but with the unity, commitment, enthusiasm, and creativity of the generations of officers in NOIP, we have the right to believe that NOIP will continue to thrive, increasingly affirming its crucial role in scientific and technological activities in particular and the country's socio-economic development in general, contributing to the cause of industrialization, modernization of the country in the new era." – NOIP Director General Dinh Huu Phi emphasized.

Speaking at the ceremony, Party Central Committee Member, Minister Chu Ngoc Anh acknowledged and praised the efforts and contributions of the leaders, civil servants and laborers of NOIP during the last 35 years and hoped that NOIP would continue to contribute more towards the growth of the IP system for socioeconomic development.

The Minister affirmed that in 35 years of development, NOIP has continuously strived to overcome many difficulties, challenges and fulfilled the tasks delegated by the Party, the State and the Ministry, contributing significantly to the cause of national construction. The 35-year journey has not yet been long but has boldly represented the contribution of NOIP. As the nucleus of Vietnam's IP system, NOIP has earned some outstanding achievements, contributing to the country overcoming the difficulties in the process of economic development and international integration to embark on the period of accelerated industrialization – modernization. Firstly, the legal foundation for IP activities is fundamentally completed, which synchronizes with the Science and Technology legal system as well as the legal system of Vietnam in general. Secondly, the intellectual property sector has made important contribution to the national cause of industrialization and modernization. The fact that a tremendous amount of intellectual property with about 330,000 protection titles in industrial property have been issued during the last 35 years is a clear evidence for the effect on socio-economic development that the IP sector has brought about. With the contribution of the intellectual property sector, the Global Innovation Index (GII) and the Competitiveness Index (GCI) of Vietnam are gradually improving. Thirdly, intellectual property has become a popular and high-value asset, contributing significantly to the development of the science and technology market in particular and Vietnamese economy in general. Fourthly, international cooperation on IP was promoted. To date, Vietnam has been an active member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and has maintained relatively good IP cooperation with the IP bodies of most developed countries, international and regional IP organizations. Nearly 20 bilateral and multilateral international treaties in the IP field have been signed and implemented properly, ensuring the business and investment environment of Vietnam.

In addition to highlighting the contributions and achievements of NOIP, the Minister also pointed out several constraints that are hindering development such as application backlog, the organization and operation of the IP system, the challenges to the IP field in the context of international economic integration and the trend of the industrial revolution 4.0. In order to overcome such restrictions and develop further, the Minister emphasized that in the immediate future, NOIP should focus on implementing a number of tasks such as elaborating and submitting the National Strategy on IP to the Prime Minister for approval; identifying instant solutions to the situation of application backlog for registration of industrial property rights.

The Minister believed that with the determination and solidarity tradition that has been built and cultivated over the past 35 years, NOIP's leaders, cadres, civil servants and laborers will continue to complete excellently the tasks assigned by the Government and MOST, taking IP activities in Vietnam in general and activities of NOIP in particular to a new height to meet the society’s expectation of the role that IP plays in scientific and technological development and socio-economic development of the country./.