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Utilizing WIPO CASE to Improve the Quality of Patent Search and Examination

From 29 to 30 of June 2017, the conference “Utilizing WIPO CASE to Improve the Quality of Patent Search and Examination” was held in Hanoi

From 29 to 30 of June 2017, the conference “Utilizing WIPO CASE to Improve the Quality of Patent Search and Examination” was held in Hanoi. Participating in the conference were Mr. Juneho Jang, Mr. Yukihiro Uraguchi and Mr. Kyaw Zaw from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); Mr. Ryuichi Komatsu from the Japanese Patent Organization (JPO); Mr. Dimitrios Louzelis from the European Patent Office (EPO); Mr Heumjeng Kang from the Korean Intellectual Property Organization (KIPO); Mrs. Kitisri Sukhapinda from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). On behalf of Vietnam were Mr. Phan Ngan Son, Deputy Director General of the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP), cadres from patent divisions and several units of NOIP, as well as delegates from other industrial property organizations.

Opening the conference, Mr. Phan Ngan Son, NOIP’s Deputy Director General emphasized the importance of information searching in the process of patent examination. He also pressed that WIPO CASE is one of the centralized searching methods for patent examiners which follows the criteria of WIPO. It plays a crucial role in searching for reference documentation during the patent examination process based on the interconnected data base. This searching method would help patent examiners reduce the time to search for reference documentation, as well as to avoid the risks of missing out reference documentation in the searching process.


Panorama of the conference

In the current context of international integration, exploiting industrial property information needs to be specialized and interconnected with the global data base, and the WIPO CASE system would bring significant benefits in searching to serve patent application examinations.

The presentation of intellectual property experts from developed countries all over the world about the trend of patent information searching in different fields attracted lively discussion of delegates, together with the practice of searching skill. The conference was a great opportunity to help patent examiners approach and explore modern information searching systems worldwide. Thereby, patent examiners would possess more useful tools to search for information in the process of patent applications examination.

The conference focused on the following main issues:

Practicing using WIPO CASE to promote sharing working results among patent examiners from different nations;

Using available information effectively through accessing patent search and examination results to improve the quality of patent examination;

Examining patent and practice searching in technology field, reading patent examination reports and documentation from intellectual property organizations;

Examining and granting exclusive national patent titles;

The process of examining and granting titles, requests related to the process of handling applications.

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