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Intellectual property research, training and public awareness to be continuously leveraged

Recently, IP Viet Nam conducted series of widespread awareness programmes and gained encouraging outcomes.

Intellectual property training to be continuously leveraged
To strengthen the capacity of IP Viet Nam staff, different organisations, individuals and businesses from central to provincial level, training on intellectual property over the year was strongly promoted. There were 70 training courses held with the participation of 5,435 people from businesses, public agencies, students, university lecturers, institutions and professional associations (in comparison with only six courses with 385 trainnes in 2018). Some notable points in the training over the year included:
- Training to enhance the capacity of the intellectual property system as a whole and other participants: IP Viet Nam in collaboration with provinces, research institutions, universities organised 62 training courses with the participation of 5,160 people. Of which, 10 training courses with 930 trainees were tailored for lecturers and last-year students to equip them with fundamentals on intellectual property. The knowledge acquired would help them in their academic research and creativity. IP Viet Nam put a strong emphasis on training this target group as they would be crucial stakeholders to formulate an “IP culture” in the future.
Conferences on Intellectual property for students
- Training to enhance the capacity of examiners paid due attention to: eight domestic training courses held for 275 examiners including three basic and three intensive courses run by JPO experts, 26 training courses participated in by 65 trainees in the US, EU, Japan, China, South Korea and France...
2019 Student Scientific Conference on Intellectual Property
- Training to enhance capacity in IP (registration, protection and management of IP) of organisations and individuals participating in the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Programme period 2018 – 2020.
- Training to enhance capacity of businesses, IP agents, law firms: two courses held for 108 trainees under the collaboration between IP Viet Nam and University of Law Ho Chi Minh City. This involved core human resources to bring intellectual property to business activities or address social needs for registration, utilisation and enforcement of intellectual properintety.
In summary, IP Viet Nam strongly conducted training on intellectual property with an increasing number of courses and participants compared with 2018. Training content and format were enriched to meet the need of trainees and support the achievement of the training objectives set out by IP Viet Nam in compliance with the Government’s and Ministry of Science and Technology’s international integration policies.
Public awareness activities to be conducted effectively 
In the implemention of the Government and Ministry of Science and Technology’s policies on promoting IP dissemination in the context of international economic integration, IP Viet Nam conducted series of widespread awareness programmes and gained encouraging outcomes.
IP Viet Nam organised or jointly organised 26 events including seminars, roundtables and community activities with the participation of 2,753 people from public management agencies, businessmen, research institutions, universities, young people and students. Many activities left positive impression on the public, namely:
(a) Series of activities to celebrate the World IP Day 26 April:
Under the World IP Day 2019’s theme “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”, IP Viet Nam conducted series of activities including seminars, roundtables, contests and community events. Activities consisted of the seminar for businesses “Creating and developing IP assets in enterprises – entrepreneurs” (jointly held 23 March 2019 by IP Viet Nam and Department of Science and Technology of Nghe An Province with 120 attendees); the workshop on IP for students (held by IP Viet Nam and the University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Viet Nam National University, Hanoi with the participation of audience from six universities, academies); the seminar  “Students to identify, respect and protect IP”, the seminar “IP with culture, sports and tourism” (held by IP Viet Nam’s representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City); the IP Entrepreneurship Contest for students (held by IP Viet Nam and  the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Viet Nam National University, Hanoi). 
The activities to celebrate World IP Day were conducted with diversified content and in various forms to transfer information about IP to a mass audience.
One of the activities to celebrate World IP Day was the community event held on 20 April 2019 at the Youth Culture House. This was the main event of the action month to welcome the IP Day jointly organised for the first time by the Ministry of Science and Technology, People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and Viet Nam Youth Union. The event attracted 500 participants who were students, managers, scientists, local business community and media agencies. Attending the event were Mr. Pham Cong Tac, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Bui Quang Huy, Secretary of Viet Nam Youth Union, Chairman of Viet Nam Central Student Association and leaders from the Viet Nam Copyright Office, as well asother departments and branches of the city. 
It was the 5th year such a community event to celebrate the World IP Day had been held on a large scale. The event was reported on WIPO news. Additionally, there were more than 30 news items, articles and reports about the IP Day reflected by different mass media agencies.
(b) Invention Contest 2018 and Award Presenting Ceremony 
The Invention Contest 2018 was launched in 2018 – 2019 under the theme “Creating technologies for daily life”. The contest was jointly held by IP Viet Nam, WIPO, KIPO and the Education and Science Department, Viet Nam Television (VTV2) to encourage innovation/creativity to create new technologies which can be applied widely, easily and cost effective, meeting social needs, contributing to socio-economic development. Six months after launch (from 16 August 2018 until 31 January 2019), there were 212 competition dossiers, an increase of 146 dossiers received in 2013, 176 dossiers received in 2014.  Among the dossiers received this year, 10 best solutions were selected to the final round of which one First Prize awarded to the Bio-Chemincal Technology and Science Joint Stock Company with the technological solution “Producing organic fertilizer from domestic solid waste”, one Second Prize given to the Key Laboratory of Water and Coastal Engineering, Viet Nam Academy for Water Resources for the solution “Galvanized steel box system covered with PVC containing stones in a staggered form to protect downstream dams and reduce flash floods and mudslides” and one third prize presented to the solution “Method and system of equipment for Fullerene production” by inventor Trinh Dinh Nang. The contest also awarded seven consolation prizes to the other organisations and individual authors,  namely Viet Nam Science and Technology Joint Stock Company (BUSADCO) with the solution "Assembled components to protect rivers, lakes and sea dikes", Sao Thai Duong Joint Stock Company with the solution "Mixture of medicine materials for hair care and preparations containing this mixture", co-authors Nguyen Vinh Phuc and Nguyen Vinh Son with the solution "Auto-watering pots in planting", author Hoang Ngoc Ky with the solution "Open dam for blocking tide and preserving river water”, co-authors Vu Van Anh and Chu Dao Ngoc Minh with the solution "System of collecting and managing disease information, medical examination and treatment", author Nguyen Duc Thanh with the solution "Remote warning equipment using signal flare over floods and flooded roads”, author Pham Huynh Phong with the solution "Luminous wristlet devices and its control methods".
The Invention Contest 2018 gained good results, attracting a large number of applications from various fields and solutions. Most technical solutions contained high-tech and practical values with industrial applicability which encouraged an innovation spirit through creating useful solutions to improve daily life for citizens.
The year 2019 was also the year when IP Viet Nam collaborated with various international organisations and IP offices to hold many conferences and seminars attracting participants from businesses, public agencies, research institutes, universities and professional associations. Most productive events included: the workshop on "Intellectual property, innovation and socio-economic development", seminar series on "Effective use of Patent Cooperation Treaty system (PCT system) for users in Viet Nam ” (in collaboration with WIPO); seminar on "Geographical Indications" (in collaboration with the European Union's ARISE + IPR Project); workshop "Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in the context of the fourth industrial revolution" (in collaboration with JPO). Those seminars brought the audiences chances to study new IP related issues and the experiences of other countries in creating, managing and exploiting intellectual property. These could be good lessons for businesses in making plans and strategies and applying them in the management and production practices.